A skillful music contractor works closely with their clients, composers, conductors, producers, and directors to determine everything that is needed to bring their project to life.  There are many music contractors out there, so it is important to do your homework.  Know what you are getting before hiring them.

Why hire a music contractor?  They will partner with you to manage all the details of bringing your recording project or live event to fruition, so you don’t have to.  They will help write a custom proposal that provides what is needed for your project while staying within budget.  They will oversee the details throughout the planning stage and will supervise on-site the day of the recording session or live event to ensure that everything runs smoothly.   All of this is to ensure that the process is as stress-free as possible for the client.  A skillful contractor will also help you understand all the potential costs associated with getting this done so you are not hit with any unexpected bills.

The true superpower behind a great contractor is its database of remarkable music professionals, painstakingly culled from years of networking and relationship building.  Karen Garrity Music’s contractors utilize a private database of top music professionals, by invitation only.  This allows them to maintain quality control to ensure that their clients get the best music professionals and the best possible outcome for their projects.   They will carefully select the music professionals that best fit your project based on the type and location of the project as well as the genre of music.  Their contractors are also professional musicians, so they have a great understanding of the industry from both sides of the music stand.

Karen Garrity Music’s mission is to provide music contracting services with exquisite attention to detail, meticulous organization, and relentless pursuit of an optimal solution for all.  Look no further,  we’ve got this!

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