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Prospective Clients

Why should I consider hiring KG Music for my project?
KG Music offers a customized proposal for each project designed to meet the needs and budget of every client, oftentimes thinking outside of the box in order to get this done. Further, our contract is fully negotiable, only 3 pages long, and offers Prepayment of Rights which gives composers full ownership of their music while compensating musicians for future use.
How can I be assured that KG Music's musicians will perform well?
KG Music hires the top instrumentalists and vocalists in town with decades of experience. Further, one must go through a referral process in order to be included in the private online database.
What other perks are available for my project?
KG Music offers the following branding for your project: Soundtrack Recorded by Karen Garrity Music. Also, our Prepayment of Rights allows full re-use of the recorded material in perpetuity.  There is no need to negotiate a new contract if you choose to use the recorded music in another project.
Which recording studios/venues does KG Music use ?
KG Music provides musicians for scoring sessions and live events in ALL of the amazing recording studios, scoring stages, and performance venues in the area.  We can work wherever you’d like!
When is payment for my session due?
50% is due at the time of booking. The remaining balance is due one week prior to the session/event date. This prepaid balance must include possible overtime fees so that musicians may be paid at the time of service. Any unused monies will be refunded within 7-10 business days. Early dismissal does not constitute a refund.
Can I have security guards at my session/live event?
KG Music can provide security guards at any session/live event and will factor that fee into the project’s budget upon request.
Can I take pictures and video of the session/live event?
Yes! However, the contractor will confirm with you in advance, to maintain the privacy of the session and its performers.  Some venues have photo/video restrictions that must be adhered to.

Prospective Colleagues

How much does it cost to be added to the private online database?
KG Music does not charge a fee to be added to our database.  However, musicians must be referred by a colleague in good standing in order to be considered. All instrumentalists and vocalists working on KG Music contracts are required to have an active profile in our proprietary database.  It is the musician’s sole responsibility to contact KG Music if changes need to be made to their profile.
How will our work be recognized?
KG Music allows branding as follows: Soundtrack Recorded by Karen Garrity Music.
Who can become a colleague of KG Music?
One must be referred in order to be added to the private online database. Put the name of the referring person in the appropriate space on the application. This is for quality control and to ensure that all instrumentalists and vocalists hired by KG Music are top professionals.
What if I am a member of AFM or SAG/AFTRA?
KG Music will hire AFM and SAG/AFTRA members for all sessions booked on a union CBA. For non-union sessions, it is suggested that one resign in good standing and apply for Beck Status rights, also known as going “Fi-core”. This will allow you to do both union and non-union work legally without penalty or repercussion.  Acceptance of non-union recording sessions is at the sole discretion of the union member.  For more information and instructions, please see the Beck Status / Fi-core page.
When will I be paid?
Payments (including cartage) will be made at the time of service. Payments for overtime, or additional doubling/overdubbing, etc. may be at the time of service or within 7-10 business days.  Musicians will receive a 1099-NEC each year they qualify to receive one.

Have other questions?  Please feel free to contact us.

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