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Karen Garrity Music clients, “Can I take pictures and video of the session?” Our answer is “yes!”  We only ask that you clearly communicate media use requirements to the contractor up front so we can honor privacy needs.

Barcelona Music Video

Super Bowl LIII Commercial

Sphero Commercial

Making of BB8 Video for Sphero

The Harbor – Composed by Mike Meehan

Caretaker for AIVA at Sony

Hello Change / StarHub

Flying Suite

Deadmau5 Trailer

Deadmau5 Live at the Wiltern

Alan Parsons Masterclass

Streetlight Manifesto / BOTAR

Shared Session for ThinkSpace Education

Way to the Rebellion

Ghosts of War Creative Team Interview


Debris Trailer

Tao Liu – Independent Film Session

To watch more sessions, Karen Garrity Music is on Vimeo.

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