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Code of Ethics

Mission Statement:

Karen Garrity Music (KG Music) recognizes, organizes, and legitimizes all recording projects and live events which are currently without contract. KG Music provides viable means for clients, producers, composers, and musicians to record and perform live music.  Flexible hourly rates and negotiable prepayment of rights are available on a per-project basis.   We are committed to ethical business practices and to being the solution to keep work in Los Angeles and Southern California.

Commitment to excellence:

Karen Garrity Music’s roster of colleagues that are available for music contracting, are highly experienced and esteemed professionals.  They include instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, conductors, producers, directors, sound engineers, studio owners, orchestrators, copyists, and the like.  Each colleague has been invited to be part of our private database because of their exceptional competence in their field. 

A streamlined contract: 

KG Music utilizes an innovative proprietary 3-page contract that can be customized to fit any type of project.  This simplifies the booking process for our clients, leaving more time and energy for the creative process.  Further, on recording sessions, our contract includes a clause for negotiable prepayment of rights, translating into no back-end payments.  This gives full ownership of the recorded music to the client to use on future projects while also compensating the musicians accordingly.

Customer (and musician) service:

Karen Garrity Music is a full-service concierge music contracting company.  We pride ourselves on going above and beyond our client’s expectations.  Our contractors often take on many other responsibilities on behalf of the client to ensure a smooth, stress-free experience.  We work hard to build relationships within the music community and strive to make each project with KG Music fun and rewarding.  

Commitment to growth:

Karen Garrity Music works hard to bring work to our music community.  Our dedicated team is focused on bringing more and more projects to KG Music.  This keeps our colleagues working and also provides work opportunities for the excellent recording studios and venues in town.  As a result, these colleagues then refer other gifted colleagues and we continue to grow.

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