Making the decision to join a labor union, remain nonunion, or become a Beck / Fi-Core objector can be confusing and the information is often difficult to obtain.  Your decision should be based on your own personal career circumstances.  Many of us are confused about what being a Beck / Fi-Core objector means and what the process to assert those rights looks like.

Per the National Right to Work Foundation, your right to become or remain a dues-paying nonmember (also known as a Beck / Fi-Core objector) of a labor union, and to pay a reduced fee in lieu of full union dues, is a right protected by Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act and not fewer than three Supreme Court decisions.

What is Beck / Fi-Core?  Per Wikipedia, Financial Core (also known as FiCore or Fi-Core) refers to a legal carve-out that permits workers opposed to participating in a labor union to be employed under the benefits of a union’s contracts without compelling them to be a member of that union.  In the entertainment industry, Fi-Core status allows dues-paying nonmembers to circumvent entertainment union rules that require members only accept work under union contracts. Since Fi-Core objectors are not bound by union regulations and rules, workers can accept work from nonunion employers outside union contracts.

Can you become a Fi-Core objector if you are currently non-union?  Yes!  The best way to do this is to send this letter via certified mail / receipt requested to the appropriate Local of your labor union.

Have more questions or want to learn how to become a Beck / Fi-Core objector?  Learn more.


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