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We collaborated with Ryland Talamo Music to create a comprehensive educational series that includes video tutorials, a glossary of terms, a recommended list of gear, and a link to a dedicated representative from Sweetwater to help you choose the best gear to fit your needs and budget.  Learn everything you need to know to set up your own home music recording studio and record professional tracks to increase your earning potential in the changing global marketplace.

Home Music Recording Studio ABCs

Many music professionals find themselves trying to figure out how to get their careers back on track, post-pandemic. Recording from home became extremely popular and necessary during the lockdown. Post-pandemic, some clients will continue to record musicians from home. 

To benefit from this trend, musicians should set up home recording studios and learn how to collaborate with composers and artists to deliver their content. 

We’d like to help you optimize your earning potential. In this modular education series, we walk you through the process step by step. You can go at your own pace or skip ahead just to the modules you need. 

Look no further, we’ve got this!  If you have not created your own home recording studio yet, let’s do it now!

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Module 01

Terminology – Signal Flow & Microphones

Module 02

Terminology – Interfaces, Preamps, & Laptops

Module 03

Terminology – DAW Terminology, EQ, Compression, Mono vs Stereo, Bouncing & Export

Module 04

ProTools – Setting Up a Session

Module 05

ProTools – Recording, Punching In, & Fades

Module 06

ProTools – Bouncing, File Naming, & Format

Module 07

Logic Pro X – Setting Up a Session

Module 08

Logic Pro X – Recording, Punching In, & Fades

Module 09

 Logic Pro X – Bouncing & Export, File Naming, & Format

Module 10

Video Tips

Remote Recordings

Become an expert

Learn everything you need to know to set up your own home music recording studio and record professional tracks to increase your earning potential in the changing global marketplace.

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Learn At Your Own Pace

 Learning how to navigate in the world of audio engineering can be overwhelming!

Most music professionals did not learn how to properly set up a home recording studio or record professional tracks in college.  It can be hard to find the information or even know where to start!  In this modular education course, you will learn everything from the common terminology used, to what gear works best for different instruments.  Go at your own pace, take the time you need to absorb the information.  It’s a lot!

KG Music Academy
KG Music Academy
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What Can We Do Better?

Your opinion is important to us!

Please let us know how we can improve this course. We welcome any input you think might help our music community.  Also feel free to recommend any topics that you would like to see covered in future courses.  And, as always, please recommend your professional music colleagues to join our database.  

KG Music Academy


“These videos are BEAUTIFULLY produced!

I love that they had some nice troubleshooting moments as well as multiple methods for aligning tracks featuring some keyboard shortcuts.

Deep knowledge :)”

Daniel Roeder, Composer, Performer, Educator, Chief Academic Officer David Z Foundation


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Have questions?  Look through the FAQ’s to the right.  If we haven’t answered your question or concern please contact us.  We want to make you experience as seamless as possible.

How can I find out more about the course before I register?

To learn about the course content and see what video topics are covered, go to

What if my email is already in the KG Music Database?

Go to  Log in with your current email and password, then register for the course.

What if I forgot my Password?

If you don’t remember the password from when you joined,  click on the Forgot Password link to reset from the login page.

How do I logout if I don't finish in the same session?

You can go to and click the logout link.

How do I resume my session later?

You can go to   Login and resume where you left off.

How do I submit feedback?

Simply complete the form at the bottom of the page after you finish the Wrap-up video.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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We hope you enjoyed our first course Home Music Recording Studio ABCs!  Stay tuned for more education series!

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