On April 1 at the legendary Wiltern in Los Angeles, deadmau5, an icon of the electronic music genre, teamed up with global music and entertainment platform TIDAL to present TIDAL X: deadmau5 “where’s the drop?” For one night only fans of all ages experienced an unprecedented event.

deadmau5 was joined by a full orchestra, provided by Karen Garrity Music. They masterfully performed his music as orchestral pieces re-envisioned by musical director Gregory Reveret and lead by esteemed conductor John Beal. deadmau5’s ‘Where’s the Drop?’ is available on TIDAL.

Smiling at center stage is conductor John Beal, who leads the KG Music players into the pulsing waves of “Imaginary Friends.” For “Coelacanth,” a string melody swirls upward and the floor shakes with sound as Deadmau5 adds electronic heft. Across the stage, the motorized concert piano plays itself, controlled by Zimmerman, as the individual keys can be seen pressing down with every note. At his desk, he looks completely calm, his hands on the Moog, glancing at his two computer screens. The crowd cheers every song.”

Excerpt taken from Rolling Stone article, “Why Deadmau5 Went Orchestral With ‘Where’s the Drop?”

Read the full article HERE.

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