We are growing and expanding!  Karen Garrity Music contracted an orchestra to perform with Shota Nakama and his bandmates for the showcase concert event “My Hero Academia” at Anime 2021 at the Javits Center in New York City.  Music was composed by Yuki Hayashi and orchestrated by Shota Nakama.

From the Boston Bastard Brigade, written by King Baby Duck (aka Evan Bourgault), “The band took to the stage to loud applause and some minor mic issues. But once it was all set, the orchestra jumped into the first song: the powerful “You Say Run”. The combination of hard rock and string arrangements was on-par with a Trans-Siberian Orchestra performance. Following that was the All-Mighty theme “Watashi ga Kita!”, as it blared with patriotic fire! Hayashi then took the stage, showing his love and gratefulness for the fans of My Hero Academia…“My Hero” then took over the speakers, with rap lyrics twisted around an electronic rock melody. Soon the three main guitarists took center stage, as they showboated their skills to a psyched audience. But it was the saxophonist and trumpeter who stole the show during this moment. Once the string section was brought back in, it was their chance to show their impressive chops for the excited crowd.”

Special thanks to Tiffany Weiss, Susan Mandel, and Douglas Lyons for helping me book these talented musicians!

Selfie of the Band, Orchestra, and fans from the stage after the concert

This concert was produced by Soundtrec and represented by SOHO Live.


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