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ThinkSpace Education / Music for the Media

Shared Session, ThinkSpace Education / Music for the Media, Guy Michelmore,
62-piece orchestra

This was Karen Garrity Music’s first shared session! KG Music provided a 62-piece orchestra to record demo tracks for a group of graduate student composers in the Music for the Media program with ThinkSpace Education based in England.

Guy Michelmore, CEO of ThinkSpace Education, collaborated with Karen Garrity to bring these outstanding composers over from Europe and bring this project to life. In addition, several composers from the Los Angeles area also recorded tracks at this session held on the legendary Eastwood Scoring Stage at Warner Brothers Studios. It was an epic experience for everyone involved!

Composers: Guy Michelmore, George Shaw, Jeff MacDonald, Jim Johnson, Benjamin Mason, Sean Turner, Stephen Baystead, Andrea Possee, Erik Desiderio

Engineer: Adam Michalak

Conductor: Guy Michelmore, Jeff MacDonald, Charles Fernandez for student compositions, Ben Mason, George Shaw

Contractor: Karen Garrity

Videographers/Video Production: Courtney Garrity, Bob Young, Megan Garrity

Photographer: Bob Young of Young Bob Photography

Studio: Warner Brothers, Eastwood Scoring Stage