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Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist (AIVA)

Commercial (Global Product Launch), AIVA and Nvidia,
78-piece Orchestra

Karen Garrity Music provided a 78-piece Orchestra to record “Among the Stars,” a composition written by Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist (AIVA) created by Pierre and Vincent Barreau. This session was recorded on the Newman Scoring Stage at the legendary 20th Century Fox Studios.

This original composition was inspired by the Star Wars soundtrack.

Composer: AIVA, created by Pierre & Vincent Bareau

Engineer: Damon Tedesco

Conductor: John Beal

Contractor: Karen Garrity

Studio: 20th Century Fox, Newman Scoring Stage

TED Talks featured Pierre Barreau at TED2018 in Vancouver where he discussed “How AI could compose a personalized soundtrack to your life”. He introduces a short video of KG Music’s December 2017 session at Fox to show an example of AI-composed music.