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Alan Parsons – From the New World

Album, Alan Parsons, 44-piece orchestra

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Click to listen on YouTube: Goin’ Home | Be My Baby

Karen Garrity Music provided a 44-piece orchestra to record Alan Parson’s newest album “From the New World”. We recorded the strings, winds, and brass in separate sessions because some Covid restrictions were still in place and it was safer to do it that way.

From The New World continues with the classic sound Parsons has become known for during his impressive 50+ year career by fusing progressive, symphonic, and classic rock elements together throughout this stunning new album. Guest appearances include guitar virtuoso Joe Bonamassa, and vocalists Tommy Shaw of STYX, David Pack formerly of Ambrosia, and American Idol alumni James Durbin, who blend seamlessly with Alan and his incredible band.

Client:  Alan Parsons

Conductor: Tom Brooks

Orchestrator: Tom Brooks

Contractor: Karen Garrity

Studio: East West Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Photo Attribution:
Doug Powell – dougpowell.com