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Super Bowl LIII Commercial

Commercial, Helmut VonLichten and CBS Sports,
62-piece orchestra

In collaboration with CBS, Helmut VonLichten, Magic Johnson, and Charles Fernandez, Karen Garrity Music was featured in a trailer for Super Bowl LIII!

This trailer aired during the CBS Pre-Game show leading up to the kickoff of Super Bowl LIII. KG Music provided a 62-piece orchestra to record music composed by Helmut VonLichten and orchestrated by Charles Fernandez on the historic Eastwood Scoring Stage at Warner Brothers. The session in its entirety was booked in 2 1/2 days, recorded on Thursday, and then shown on National TV 2 days later. A whirlwind session, to say the least!

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Composer: Helmut VonLichten

Orchestrator: Charles Fernandez

Conductor: Helmut VonLichten

Sound Engineer: Damon Tedesco

Contractor: Karen Garrity

Studio: Warner Brothers Eastwood Scoring Stage

Photo Credit: Ryland Tylamo 

Super Bowl LIII Creative Team Interview

Special thanks to CBS Sports for their amazing video production crew!

And to Magic Johnson . . . for being Magic Johnson!