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Hello Change / Starhub Commercial

Commercial, StarHub, 8 Gospel/Rap Singers

Karen Garrity Music provided 8 Gospel/Rap singers for a commercial for StarHub, a leading homegrown Singapore company that delivers world-class communications, entertainment and digital solutions! This was KG Music’s first Gospel/Rap session, as well as the first remote session for an overseas client. This session was negotiated, booked and recorded in less than 36 hours, at the same time that an 81-piece orchestra session at Sony was being organized and finalized. The Sony session took place the night before the StarHub session.  The clients were based in Singapore, we connected with them via Source-Connect and Skype.

Music Supervisor & Orchestrator: James Craft

Conductor: George Shaw

Sound Engineer: Les Brockmann

Contractor: Karen Garrity

Studio: Tangent Recording